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Facebook has rolled out an update to its app which makes it easy to share photos to your feed, ‘in the moment.’ It is a feature which now allows users to quickly organise and post small batches of photographs on their phone to their feed.

Now when users upload photos from their Android or iPhone apps, a quick preview is generated which shows how the photos will be displayed in your feed. You can rearrange the position of the photos by simply dragging them to a different position using your finger.

Up to thirty photos can be selected and information such as location, captions and descriptions can be added to the photos. The photos will then appear in a collage style layout in your post on Facebook.

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Facebook is attempting to make photos more engaging to users instead of just another way to store photos online. They want photographs to tell stories of every day moments and Facebook want to put an emphasis on sharing in real time.

Uploading photos this way is different from uploading an album, it creates what Facebook calls – ‘a story’ and the photos will not appear in your albums either. Will Facebook be able to change how we engage with and look a photos online? Or is it really just another place to store your photos?

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