When it comes to online scams, a large majority of them are done via social media and I have written in the past about a few of them. One that favours Facebook has come back on the radar, Facebook like farming scams, which are simple to setup and also fools most Facebook users.

How the scam works

A Facebook page is setup to lure people into liking it and also sharing it. The page could have a picture of a child and say this child has cancer but if we can get x amount of likes and shares they can get treatment that they deserve. The page could also say that if you like and share this page you will be entered into a draw to win a prize which could some jewellery or a holiday.


Once a certain amount of likes and shares is achieved, they will change what the page is promoting and also any links on the page.

What the scammers are trying to do is one of the following:

Gain commission for products they are selling, which is why they change the page information and also links.
Gain access to passwords and also personal information from a Facebook user’s page.
Gain access to credit card details that maybe stored for certain Facebook apps.
Sell the page along with any information they have gathered to the highest bidder.
Change the link so that it points to a website where you unknowingly download malware or a virus.

How to spot a Facebook like farming scam

The Facebook page purports to represent a well-known company such as Aer Lingus, you will notice that there will be a full stop after Aer Lingus. On a real Aer Lingus page you will see this “Aer Lingus”. On a scammers page you will see this “Aer Lingus.”.

Do a few minutes research on the Facebook page. Just because some friends of yours liked and shared it does not make it legit. A few minutes Googling will save you going through a lot of heartache and trauma later.

If the prize on offer is too good to be true then it probably is and check to see if is been promoted on their official Facebook page and Twitter account.

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