We have heard for some time now that young American teenagers have been flocking from the Facebook service and that the growth of the social network giant is starting to slow down. Recently on Bloomberg Scarlet Fu spoke about Facebook and teenagers;

“These young people just feel embarrassed even to be associated with it.”

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Centre, that is not exactly the case so much. It is not about younger users leaving Facebook, but rather older users starting to come on board instead.

The Pew Research Centre just released its 2014 social media update and it shows that 56% of Internet users aged 65 and older use Facebook. More seniors have been learning how to use Facebook over the last few years so that they can stay in touch with family or reconnect with old friends.

The study shows that there is most certainly a slow down in the level of growth on Facebook, however that was always going to come. Facebook was not going to have a user number boom forever, the slow down in growth was always going to happen and it was just a case of when it was going to happen.

87% of 18-29 year old Internet users logged onto Facebook in 2014 according to the research which is a small increase from 83% in 2013. The numbers are still very impressive and the slow down in growth does not spell doom for Facebook.

In fact, engagement is up on Facebook in the past year. While people may be finally deciding to hop off the Facebook train, the current users who are still using the service are in fact spending more time on it than they have done before.

Facebook’s growth may be stagnating somewhat but they are still, without doubt, the social media giant at the moment.

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