Facebook has announced this morning the introduction of a new feature called “Music Stories” which will allow users to share and discover new tracks and new music with friends. Music Stories integrates with Apple Music and Spotify to provide a 30 second preview of the song which you can play directly on your Facebook newsfeed.

The music is streamed onto Facebook from Spotify or Apple Music and those who play it on Facebook can choose to buy it or save it on the respective streaming service. So if a friend shares a song from Apple Music you will have the option to buy from iTunes or stream and download through Apple Music if you still have your Apple Music plan in place.

Facebook says that support for further music streaming services will be coming in the future.

Jorge Espinel, Head of Global Business Development at Spotify said that;

”We’re excited to be a part of Music Stories with Facebook and provide Spotify listeners with a more engaging and simple way to listen to, discover and share music they love.”

Now for the bad news Android users, the new feature is only available on iOS at the moment. It will probably expand to Android when Facebook starts expanding support for other music streaming services, however there is no timeframe on when they may actually be.

To share music on Facebook you can simply copy and paste the link to the song or album into the status box which will generate the Music Story preview or alternatively you can share directly from Apple Music or Spotify on iOS by using the share sheet and selecting to share to Facebook.

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