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Facebook is really making a big push when it comes to online video content. From autoplay videos to embedding tolls and boasting about how they are getting more views than YouTube (pretty much thanks to the fact that everything autoplays on Facebook now), now there is talk about Facebook sharing ad revenue with some select content creators. 

Well naturally the next step would be to find a way to allow users to continue browsing Facebook but still allow them to view a video on the site. That is now possible, Facebook has a new feature which allows you to detach a video from the News Feed and move it anywhere in the browser window so that you can continue to scroll your feed and watch the video at the same time.

It is actually a pretty interesting and nifty little feature. We all know how big an emphasis people put on what they call “true multitasking” these days so having something like this is pretty handy and allows me to continue browsing Facebook while catching up on and episode of The Philip DeFranco Show.

At the moment the feature only works on the desktop, opening a video on mobile will open it up into full screen as before so there is no change there. The option is accessible through an icon on the video player in the bottom right on the control panel. Click that icon and the video will pop out into a smaller player you can move around the browser.

The controls are still basic, you have the pause/play button, a close button and also a like and share button. Sadly you are unable to resize the video at the moment and it is pretty small when you select the option to use the pop out player.

It is also interesting to note that the feature was available on my profile yesterday and I was toying around with it for a bit however it seems to have vanished this morning. Now I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if it will reappear however it certainly seems to have gone for now. Keep an eye out and see if it is on your profile, if it is not there you should hopefully be seeing it soon.


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