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Facebook Notes may soon be getting a major facelift. The Notes feature has been as good as neglected and a new design is now being tested which makes stories look like blog posts instead of standard Facebook updates. 

A Facebook spokesperson talked to Mashable and said that:

“We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

The new design was first spotted by Facebook user John Bisenecker, it is a cleaner design which has a big header photo and a new look to the headline and body text. It makes the note appear as a blog post instead of an extended status update, there is no sidebar present with ads or suggestions to visit different areas of Facebook.

It is clearly being viewed at as a way of reading blog posts distraction free.

via Facebook

As with any Facebook experiment, the changes are only being tested with a small group of users and can be accessed from the Facebook website. There is not indication when the new design may roll out to a larger audience but it is a sign that Facebook is turning their attention to the Notes feature which was last updated in 2010.

From the few teasers so far, it appears that Facebook may be eyeing up an opportunity to go after Medium. Medium is a basic blogging tool which has grown in popularity from when it was launched and hosts a wide range of posts on all kinds of topics. The appearance of the new Facebook Notes seems to be along the same lines of Medium, however while blogging services like this are great if you want to write the occasional post they are still very restricted.

This is blog posting in its most basic form, text input and a few images. While that may be sufficient for a casual and occasional blog post here and there, it is certainly far from the full features needed for some of the more hardcore bloggers.

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