By @TheMarkDalton

It is possible you have seen a number of silly looking face swapping selfies on social media recently. Get ready to see more of them! Facebook is buying the company behind one of the most popular apps in the App store right now, Masquerade

As well as doing regular old silly face swaps with your friends you can also overlay playful filters over your selfies such Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars. With the news that Masquerade is being bought by the biggest social network on the planet, it is safe to say that you will see face swapping features arriving in Facebook at some point in the near future.

Facebook also intends to keep Masquerade as a standalone app which will be free for users to download. The face swapping fun fits inline with other recent changes the company has brought in over recent times such as stickers, finger doodles and photo filters.

Masquerade has had a stellar start on the App store. It is rated at 5 stars and has been at the top of the charts for a consistent amount of time now. It is also available to download on Android phones too.

The apps founders will work out of the Facebook London office and Facebook has declined to say how much it paid for the Masquerade app. However, love him or hate him you have to commend the business mind of Mark Zuckerberg.

He is clever enough to know that Facebook is still the core of social media however young teens at the moment may not be necessarily logging into the service, the audience of Facebook will start to mature and Zuckerberg knows that he needs to have the next big thing.

That is why we have seen Facebook scoop up other companies such as WhatsApp and Instagram. We also know that they tried getting their hands on Snapchat but just couldn’t quite pull it off. They move fast on these companies and start ups because they know that they need to have the next potential big thing before someone else has it.

Bring on the face swaps.

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