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Yesterday afternoon an industry source confirmed to Techcrunch that Facebook is piloting a ‘Facebook At Work’ a product aimed at enterprise collaboration and it will be ready to be rolled out in a couple of months.

In June it was reported that Facebook was working on a business collaboration however nothing has been confirmed until now.

Facebook has refused to comment officially however the source says that the collaboration tool has been tested inside of Facebook for the last six months and is currently being piloted by a small group of companies. The source did not say who these companies were and did not comment on what the final product may look like however there is no doubt that Facebook will be entering this arena in the future.

Facebook at work will be hosted separately from the current Facebook website to ensure security between personal and private information.

While there is no official confirmation at present, Facebook at work is tipped to look a lot like Facebook does at the moment with a news feed, messenger and groups however it would be completely separate  from your personal Facebook profile.

This means that no work content would appear in your personal feed and no personal information would appear in your work feed. With so many question marks of Facebook and their track record in privacy, would companies and employees actually trust them to handle the divide between the two services and not mess things up?

It is a question that can only truly be answered by using the service when it is launched. Companies have recognised the value of enterprise collaboration tools up to this point however many of these services, such as Yammer, have failed to find a whole lot of success in the workplace.

Apart from the few exceptions, many companies have found little success in the uptake of enterprise social networks among employees. Not so long ago I ran an article about Yammer and enterprise social networks, asking if there really was a place for such services for employees, which you can read here.

Maybe a new and different approach from Facebook would yield a better success rate? The big difference here could be that many people use Facebook, they know how it looks, they know how it works and no ‘exploration’ of a new service is required.

There could be much more room for comfort among employees using a service which is familiar like Facebook instead of using LinkedIN or Yammer. It will be interesting to see just how it takes off and what the final product will look like.

If your company has just signed up to something such as Yammer then watch this space, you may be ditching it at some point down the line. Sooner than you expect…

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