By @SimonCocking. Great interview with Rodrigo Gazzaneo EMC Executive Briefing Sr Manager for Rio de Janeiro

What is your background briefly?

20 years in IT working as a technology consultant, systems engineer, sales specialist and marketing consultant, having worked for IBM and EMC most of my career. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, father of a lovely little girl, husband to a fantastic woman. I graduated in Computer Science and hold an MBA in Strategic IT Management.

How did you end up doing what you do now?

I am a member of the EMC Global Briefing Program, responsible for the recently established Executive Briefing Center based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When EMC built a R&D Center in Rio, inaugurated on 2014, I had the opportunity to join the program and start the Executive Center which is located inside the R&D Center.

1 min pitch for what you do / what’s a typical day like?

I plan and execute relevant customer facing agendas focused on strategic initiatives and relevant customer challenges that are unique to each visitor. I gather information in collaboration with field resources and sales teams, propose and review topics, recruit presenters from our global network, engage executives and plan for the logistics of the day.

Our goal is to help demystify topics like Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity and other modern IT challenges that are critical to our market. We strive to empower decision makers of the market with valuable information that will help them take better decisions and strengthen their relationship with EMC.

How does someone in your position deal with the challenges of a constantly moving landscape in terms of tech innovation and development?

Like most IT positions, it is about constantly learning. I have the opportunity to share the office with an advanced R&D facility and have a group of engineers and leaders around me that have great insights of what’s coming in IT. However, it takes a lot of collaboration to keep yourself up to date. Social networks are a great source of flowing data, but you need to dedicate some time to digest and consolidate some thoughts.

Nevertheless, you still need to make yourself relevant for the ongoing business operations. It is key to make sure to have an eye for the future of IT and another for the opportunities of the moment.

Data security

Congrats on being ranked as a global data security thought leader on the Onalytica list – where did it all go right?

Social networks are a great communications channel. I like to share just as I like to absorb news and data from the social channels. Engagement becomes a natural consequence of sharing relevant insights once you are active enough.

What trends are you excited / concerned about in relation to data and the work you do at the moment?

I am excited about how everything is becoming a data problem. Information security is becoming a data problem. Enterprise management is becoming a data problem. Science and research is becoming a data problem.

Think about how Newton watched and apple fall and created a model for gravity. Then he went after more data to prove his model. Today we collect data from everywhere, store it in capacities that were not viable a few years ago, analyze it faster and faster with this growing abundant processing power and learn new and better models from data. The innovation cycle is transformed with data.

In relation to Brazil in particular and Rio, how was the Olympics? Any interesting data relates stories?

The Olympics were amazing. These were the most digital games ever, and I spent these last months engaged with conversations about the impact of technology in the games experience.

Rio 2016 has been using EMC technologies to build a mission critical infrastructure since they were established a few years ago. We helped them break technology paradigms from previous editions that helped them match their goals of uptime and fast recovery.

Atos, the global provider of technology services for the games, migrated many systems of the games to Canopy Cloud, powered by EMC technologies. Their goal is to build a cloud native platform for the coming games and further reduce costs and rework required to run such critical events. The model proved valuable for Rio 2016 already.

Our local R&D Center has been partnering with the City of Rio to build a Smart Cities platform that has been helping them take well informed decisions about urban mobility, health management and security.

Also, many of the sponsors of the games implemented data strategies to maximize the return of their investments.

What advice would you give to companies and individuals in terms of managing their data securely?

Cybersecurity has evolved. You will need new weapons to fight this war. Analytics tools are now key to every aspect of the business, and information security is no exception.

Who do you follow for your inspiration and insights?

@sakacc taught me how to be social at work.

Some of my social heroes:

We can be online 24/7, how do you manage your work life balance?

The key is to be mindful of what you are doing. Whatever you do, you do it with intense focus. It’s not only about the amount of time you spend, it’s about the focus you put on the time you spend.

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