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What message did Evernote bring to EnterConf in Belfast?

As a company, and in our talk at EnterConf, we’re focused on work, the way people work today vs previously, and what the future of work might look like. We covered points around Augmented Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence, the on demand economy and exponential technologies, all of which will be tied back to the topic of work.

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How did you find MoneyConf once you got there?

The conference was great in terms of high quality networking and learning/ best-practice sharing from some amazing speakers. In short, a brilliant event in an amazing setting!


What does Evernote do well?

It offers note taking to the cloud with possibility of collaboration and sharing.

It is number 1 in note taking/To-Do

It offers Life – Work – Integration as defined by Evernote, your life/work goes with you everywhere. everything is connected.

We are 7 years old, with over 100m users – Grown organically no major advertisement campaign.
Partnership/integration with tech giants with similar solutions – Microsoft, Google, Dropbox etc.

Evernote apps and products create a modern workspace that gives people the tools they need to achieve more every day. A privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, Evernote has offices in nine countries and more than 100 million users worldwide.


Recent and relevant news

Evernote announces Linda Kozlowski COOEvernote for Apple Watch

Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium

What does Evernote offer

Evernote Basic (free) — A great place for new users to start getting organized and familiarize themselves with


Evernote Plus (£2.99/month or £19.99/year) — For active Evernote users who want an upgraded workspace with

enhanced storage and mobility features

Evernote Premium (£3.99/month or £34.99/year) — For professionals who want the best office productivity tools in a

single app. Premium has been upgraded to include unlimited monthly uploads and larger individual note sizes.

The company operates on a freemium business model. Evernote does not mine user’s data for advertising or for any other purpose. Data security and privacy are hugely important to us. We have three laws of data protection, summarised as; your data is yours, it’s protected, and it’s portable.

Evernote in numbers

More than 100 million users worldwide

75% of total user base comes from outside of the US and Canada, and 33% in EMEA

400 employees across 11 offices in 10 different countries. Zurich is our International HQ

The future of work in an on demand economy

As a company we’re very much focused on the topic of work and the way people work today

Specifically the tools & technology that facilitate effective collaboration and the dated tools and culture (usually found in larger companies) that inhibit it and using tech to promote culture that helps people feel plugged in, aware, and connected

Evernote is the modern workspace for knowledge workers

Building a 100 year startup

Our CEO Phil Libin has a vision of building a 100 year startup

Building a 100 year startup is about ensuring that the ‘startup magic’ the company had at the start of its life, remains true 100 years from now

It also requires building products that are ‘sufficiently epic’ enough to stand the test of time and still be great 93 years from now

An exit is not the ultimate goal. Phil also believes this strategy is not necessarily an entrepreneurial one
This is his 3rd company

Evernote: The Modern Workspace

Evernote is for your life’s work. It’s the place where the work happens.

Evernote combines everything that the modern knowledge worker does in any given day, and allows them to get it done in one workspace

Features like Work ChatContext, and Presentation Mode (developed by the Zurich team) and Scannable, help companies work like a productive, plugged-in start up again.

We also offer physical products in our Evernote Market, some of which are integrated with Evernote to enhance productivity for users i.e. a Jot Script Stylus and the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner.

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