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Aaron Price is CEO and Founder of Propelify, which is an event, but more than that, it is a community. Aaron tells us how the authentic approach to events is a huge advantage. He tells us how starting events with Minimal Viable Products (Meetups) is a smart move. He tells us how involving the community from day 1 is the best way forward. Great chat with Aaron, you can sign up for Propelify Beta Community now here: Ben Raffi is CEO and Founder of Growlabs, a sales force automation tool with a difference. Growlabs uses both AI and natural language processing to save the sales team time mining emails and deleting polite “go away” (P.F.O) emails by analysing sentiment. Growlabs also has an ultra clean database of emails and positions by geography, company and responsive rate. You can find out more here:

AI, UBI, Universal Basic Income, Job Automation and the societal challenge ahead, Innovation Show podcast

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