As as almost four out of five people plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home this year, pubs, clubs and other venues may need to think outside the box to attract a crowd, a recent study by online ticketing company Eventbrite found.

Surveying 1011 people across the country, the Eventbrite study revealed that when it comes to celebrating News Year’s Eve in 2015, what’s most important to people is not drinking, dancing and fireworks, but being with friends and family (82%) and having good food (76%).

What might be even more alarming to commercial party planners around the country, though, is a dwindling enthusiasm towards alcohol among youngsters: Following on the trend towards mindfulness, and hot on the heels of Morning Gloryville, an alcohol-free early morning rave, every second person aged 18-24 years could imagine celebrating the New Year without alcohol altogether (compared to 24%, across all age groups).

So what’s a NYE party planner to do? Six tips from Eventbrite:

1. Offer group/VIP bookings
Given the overriding importance of celebrating with friends and family, party planners should market to groups rather than individuals, by offering group discounts, private VIP spaces within the venue, and making social sharing of their event as easy as possible.

2. Create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Show those people at home what they might be missing: post videos and images of past parties and the great time that was had. Motivate them to think beyond their own four walls to get them off the couch and into the venue.

3. Create multiple ticket types
Most people in Ireland (80%) are happy to spend up to 20 Euros on a NYE party ticket, so organiser should have at least one ticket type in that price range, plus a limited supply of discounted Early Bird, premium VIP and higher priced Day-of tickets to incentivise advance ticket sales.

4. Incentivise staying out after midnight
Asked what would make party goers stay at a pub/club after midnight, live music and drinks promotions came in first at 68% and 53% respectively, and most venues tend to offer that already. Every third person, however, said that the availability of food or even snacks would also make them stay longer. Venue owners without kitchens or catering facilities might consider partnering with mobile food stalls or commissioning catering services to offer at least some midnight snacks to encourage their crowd to stay longer.

5. Expand the range of non-alcoholic drinks
As more youngsters lose their thirst for alcohol, organisers should think further than coke and tap water and consider offering fresh juices, green teas, Kombucha and the like for those who like to start their New Year’s Detox early.

6. Know the high and low times for ticket sales
There are two spikes when people buy tickets to New Year’s Eve events:
First when tickets immediately go on sale, and then again the week the event takes place. Start your sales as early as possible and continue to drive audiences to your ticketing page to maintain momentum.

Eventbrite has published a free, 14-page “Definitive Guide to NYE Event Planning”, which is ready for viewing and download here.

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