Teespring and Eventbrite have announced a collaboration that allows event organisers to easily create and sell custom merchandise to their event attendees. Now available for organisers on Eventbrite Spectrum, the new integration simplifies the process of designing and manufacturing event merchandise and is the first e-commerce integration built on Eventbrite’s third-party API platform.

“With the addition of e-commerce and apparel design technology from Teespring, we’re thrilled to not only give our customers a new way to connect with their attendees, but also offer them a valuable opportunity to earn additional revenue,” said Dylan Serota, Head of Platform at Eventbrite. “By leveraging the new Teespring integration, Eventbrite organisers will keep all of the profit for every shirt they sell, turning the addition of event merchandise into a new revenue stream.”

“Merchandise and events go hand-in-hand. It’s a way for any event attendee to express their passion at an event, and to extend their experience beyond that moment. In the past, organizers had to overcome major barriers to create custom apparel for an event. Teespring’s integration with Eventbrite transforms that experience. An event organiser can design apparel for an event and make it available for purchase within minutes” said Robert Chatwani, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer of Teespring. “Just like Eventbrite helps you create live events for your cause, hobby or team, Teespring lets anyone turn their passion into a great product, with no risk or upfront investment. It’s a great fit, and we’re very excited to partner with Eventbrite.”

Teespring resides directly in the Eventbrite dashboard. Organisers log into Teespring with their Eventbrite credentials and are able to upload artwork and transfer event information directly into the campaign. The Teespring campaign then embeds automatically in their event page so attendees can purchase from them directly. After the campaign ends, Teespring prints and ships all of the merchandise directly to buyers.

Organisers also have the ability to further market their merchandise by opting in to an automated email sent to attendees after they buy a ticket.

To find out more visit www.eventbrite.ie.

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