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The barriers of creating a startup are now tiny, but to scale, well that’s always been much harder and as we are now in an era of increasingly deep tech, it is going to become much harder. As the next generation of tech startups mature, they will need to solve increasingly challenging problems using ever more sophisticated technology, simply to build and maintain their competitive edge, whilst more established companies, invest heavily and play tug of war with the best engineers, scientist’s and PHD’s.

Indeed, leading companies are doubling-down on technical hiring, with, for example, Index Ventures portfolio company Deliveroo looking to add 300 engineers over the course of 2017.
Index have a tradition of bringing on board Venture Partners who have a proven track record be it as bankers, operators, entrepreneurs or engineers.

Today it has been announced Renaud Visage is joining Index Ventures as Venture Partner.

For those who don’t know Index Ventures, they are a San Francisco and European based top-tier venture capital firm, with previous successes such as, Skype, Lovefilm and JUST EAT amongst their enviable list of 14 IPO’s and 89 Acquisitions of their portfolio companies.

Renaud needs little by way of introduction. Alongside Kevin and Julia Hartz, Renaud is Co-Founder and former CTO of the hugely successful Eventbrite, creating and scaling all technical operations since it was founded in San Francisco more than a decade ago, the company has gone on to build the world’s largest event technology platform, powering millions of events around the globe each year. Today it is doing better than ever, processing over 2m tickets each week. 2016 was a record year for Eventbrite, as it made great strides toward becoming the go-to global marketplace for live experiences.

Renaud describes his time at the company – where he will continue to lead technology initiatives – as “a fantastic ongoing journey of self-discovery” and Index Ventures commented “We are very excited that our portfolio companies will now have access to that wealth of knowledge, hard-won from his experience co-founding Eventbrite, and overseeing its expansion into Europe. Working very closely with the Index teams in London and San Francisco, he is uniquely positioned to help our founders scale their technology, and operations on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in France, where Renaud was born and will continue to support that country’s notable tech boom”

In 2015 Renaud and I were Judges and Panel experts in Virgin and Sir Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich Competiton (Renaud at the Manchester event and myself at the Birmingham event) and I was really impressed how Renaud was so passionate to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Renaud is a great addition to Index and I wish both best of luck.

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