Facebook and Eventbrite allow consumers in Ireland to buy their event tickets directly on Facebook, without ever having to leave the app or site. They even get their event ticket delivered right into the Facebook app. Eventbrite is the only partner offering this seamless ticket purchase on Facebook in Ireland.

Business Showcase : Eventbrite

Popular Dublin night club The Wright Venue

Craig Reynolds, Promoter, The Wright Venue:
“All our patrons care about is an amazing experience in Ireland’s largest venue. And the easier they can get their hands on tickets, the better it is for them and for us. Facebook is one of our most important marketing channels, so we expect this new integration to have a direct impact on our business by selling us more tickets.”

and District 8

Fernando Martin, Co-founder of District 8:
“For our club nights at District 8, online pre-sales are everything – we hardly sell tickets at the door. Let’s say you’re on Facebook and you see that your favourite DJ is playing our club. You’ll want to get your tickets as quickly as possible. And now you can get them there and then. That’s a really exciting new option for us and our patrons.”

These are the first Irish event organisers to sell Eventbrite tickets directly on Facebook. Try it here.

 What this means:

With less hoops for consumers to jump through when buying a ticket  — multiple pages, new windows and forms to fill in —  people are far less likely to abandon their order: Eventbrite have found that on average, every additional step in the order process loses event organisers up to ten percent of potential customers, and that conversely, Eventbrite  have seen that consumers on Facebook are twice as likely to buy Eventbrite tickets directly on Facebook, compared to a redirect to a ticketing page.

Eventbrite recently announced a similar global integration with Spotify, where Spotify displays Eventbrite tickets to nearby gigs of the artist you’re listening to. Other integrations as part of this “purchase anywhere” strategy that brings tickets to fans rather than pulling fans to ticket sites, are BandsinTown and Seatgeek.

Yoav Zeevi, Product Manager, FacebookEvents Ticketing explained more.

“Our focus with ticketing on Facebook is to give people an easier way to attend the events that interest them and make selling tickets easier for our partners, like Eventbrite. We’ve gotten great feedback from our partners that posting on Facebook helps them drive sales and attendance.”

Marino Fresch, Evenbrite Marketing Director Ireland & UK was equally enthusiastic.

“Buying tickets on Facebook, without ever leaving the app, is a much more intuitive, faster way to get into your favourite event. And this is just the beginning. The ability to buy tickets for interesting events, wherever you may be online, is changing the future of ticket sales. And it will benefit our event organisers, who are able to sell more tickets and in turn grow their revenues by reaching their fans at this crucial intersection”.

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