When and where is it on?
On 12 December 2018 Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “From Chaos To Clarity: 2019 Trends”

What exciting things can people look forward to?

350 participants and 20+ distinguished speakers, the Conference will hear from top blockchain experts looking into 2019 trends. As a good tradition, the event will be celebrated by a yet another luxurious FashionTV Party By NEXT BLOCK which adds to the chain of the most fabulous crypto-parties of 2018 by NEXT BLOCK.

Who will be speaking?

Among our first speakers are:
Jan Sammut, founder, and CEO of RefToken;
Ofer Rotem, General Partner, Collider Ventures, active Israeli angel investor in blockchain related startups since 2013,
Naeem Aslam, Columnist with Forbes, Chief Market Analyst of ThinkMarkets,
Gianluca Massini Rosati, Founder and CEO presso Xriba,
Ilan Tzorya, Founder and CEO of Krypton Capital,
Avia Arika, Head of the Avia law.

The topics that we’re planning to discuss include:
“From Gamblers to Investors? Have Crypto Investors Matured This Year?”
“Power in Numbers – The Rise of Investment Pools and Funds in 2018 and How They Will Shape The Market in 2019”
“Consolidation in 2019- what level of consolidation will we see in 2019 and has it already started?”
“Regulating the Edges – licensing investment pools and token brokers”

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

All the information is here: https://next-block-telaviv.ticketforevent.com/

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