Eurosport is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand it is probably one of the most complete apps for sport coverage available but on the other hand it has had it’s fair share of issues. A lot of these issues have been resolved with updates only for them to reappear when the App is next updated.

When you launch the App there is a forced Advertisement that takes over the whole screen. While some will find this annoying, once it minimises, there are no more ads within the App.

There really is a huge amount of sports categories covered within the App and it should be applauded for that. The main page is split into tabs containing what it sees as the most popular sports at that moment in time. Each Tab also has the further option of selecting between Headlines, In Brief, Live and Results. The first two options offering ways of reading news items, the next for seeing scores and commentary, where available, for live matches and the last for seeing the current/ previous results and tables standings.

There is also an “Other” tab where there is a list of other sports all with the same options available from within them. This is the App’s strongest point. It covers sports that other Apps just leave behind.

Where is falls down though is the there again, gone again, issues. For example, since the last update if you are viewing the live commentary of a match and you hit the manual refresh icon it just reloads the page with the same details rather than updating the details. To refresh you need to leave the match you are viewing and refresh the whole category, then navigate back to the match and it will have updated.

Another issue is the fact that some articles just won’t load fully. They only load the brief summary and you are left with a blank page then. This had been fixed but again with another “Bug Fix” update they brought it back again. Also if you are navigating through the App quickly going in and out of articles and live commentary the App can start force closing. Another issue that was fixed in the past and has returned.

Even with all it’s little faults, I still love this App. I just hope someone from Eurosport is reading these issues and finally issues an update that fixes all the issues rather than fixing some and reintroducing others!






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