By @SimonCocking, we spoke with the event organisers of Europe’s biggest festival on the future. 1-3 June, 2017 | Budapest, Hungary to find out more about it.

When is it on?

Brain Bar Budapest takes place on the first weekend of June every year. This year that’s 1-3 June.

How many years has it been going?

We launched in 2015, so this is the 3rd year. Brain Bar Budapest is now the biggest European festival on the future: our audience now consists of 7,000 influencers, students, entrepreneurs and policy makers from all-across Europe, plus 25,000 livestream viewers from 40+ countries

What was the inspiration to start it?

Having meaningful debates about what’s to come is what makes society future-proof. We wanted to create a platform to foster the exchange of visions between world-class thinkers, to help Europe to become more competitive. To make more educated decisions, we need to understand the dilemmas technological changes will inflict on humanity. Finally, we understand that Budapest has always been most successful when it was most diverse. We wanted to organize a global event to bring foreign minds in to mingle with ours and trigger innovation. Such an event will reinforce the position of Budapest as an intellectual hub.

What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2017 version?

This year’s Brain Bar Budapest will be the most diverse so far. We have an awsome pool of masterminds coming this year as well. We are working hard on creating our own stage formats, four of which will debute this year. We’ll also introduce two new platforms: Future Cities Summit and Future Jobs. The first one will explore the common problems and solutions of mid-sized cities with city-shapers and policy makers from all over the world. Future Jobs will project how the job market will look like in 2025. How will the different industries be transformed and what expertise will it take to work in them?

What opportunities are on offer for people / startups / investors and companies attending?

First and foremost, we offer inspiration for all. We want to enable all our attendees to mingle, listing to inspiring bits from the future and discuss what they think about it with each other. We have special promotions for students and teachers: we have 100 free tickets for students and 50 for teachers from all over Europe to give away. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us in social media to learn how to get them!

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Brace yourselves for a massive dose of inspiration. Debates are the heart of Brain Bar Budapest, but we don’t take sides, so visitors have to be prepared to think and come up with their own opinions. Make sure you stay all the way, be open and watch debates on topics that might differ from your general interests. Last but not least, if you’re coming from abroad, be sure to leave an extra couple of days to explore Budapest!

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

Tickets are available on our website: If you’re fast enough, you’ll get a voucher for travel and accommodation along with it. Be quick, we expect them to sell out by May!

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