Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data centre company, today announced the successful launch of its Irish Channel Partner Programme. A significant investment, it is part of the global Channel Partner Programme and is now responsible for more than 20% of Equinix Ireland’s new business revenues as of Q3 2018 and is expected to be instrumental to its future growth.

The announcement furthers Equinix’s position as a key player in Ireland’s digital economy. As data volumes surge, businesses’ IT requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Research carried out by Equinix this year found that Irish IT decision-makers are pursuing many and varied objectives. Half cite improving IT security as a top priority, while 36% are looking for ways to improve user experience. A further 29% put migrating to the cloud high on the agenda. To meet their assorted digital needs, businesses are striking up strategic digital partnerships.

The Irish Channel Partner Programme is designed to enable partners to build innovative solutions that enhance the ability of enterprises to digitally transform and make a real economic impact.

Kevin O’Connor, channel manager Ireland, Equinix, said: “From our four data centres in Dublin, partners gain access to unique digital resources alongside Equinix’s globally interconnected facilities, from which they can build and enhance customer value. We are providing the platform and interconnection that allows partners to create game-changing customer solutions.”

Channel partners can also unlock new revenue streams in an expanding digital market that transcends geographical borders. Equinix’s global footprint enables partners to offer digital solutions to any business residing in Equinix’s 200 data centres in 52 markets worldwide. Through the Equinix ECX FabricTM, which allows customers to discover and dynamically connect to any other customer across any Equinix location globally through an easy-to-use portal and a single connection to the Equinix platform, they are closer to the biggest cloud service providers, and able to scale their businesses globally.

Kevin O’Connor continued: “Our research shows that almost every Irish business now relies on external digital ecosystems in order to achieve their growth targets. The Irish Channel Partner Programme is all about building that digital hub in one location, offering a boutique selection of partners who can help businesses transform into digital enterprises and scale into new markets.

“We have invested a lot of time and resources in the Channel Partner Programme to ensure enterprises receive a unique offering of key services from our trusted partners. Since its launch, the programme has already exceeded our expectations and now contributes to more than a fifth of Equinix’s new business revenue in Ireland this year. We expect this to grow as digital transformation journeys mature and customer requirements become more complex.”

Scott McConnell, sales director Ireland, Equinix, said: “One of the key IT challenges facing the enterprise is the area of digital transformation. How will they use public and hybrid cloud as part of their digital transformation, what impact will this have on the scale and performance of their IT environment and what will the cost implications be?

“Equinix sits at the heart of the digital edge and is the place where all these elements converge. By working with a small selection of partners, who are focused on innovating value for their customers, we can facilitate world class customer solutions.”

Logicalis Ireland, as an Equinix enterprise channel partner, provides customers with data centre facilities, services and the global locations required to build fully secure hybrid and multi-cloud solutions that have a robust backup and disaster recovery.

Andrew Baird, Managing Director, Logicalis Ireland, said: “As we continue to develop solutions for an increasingly digital world, partnering with Equinix allows us to bring true hybrid cloud capabilities to our customers with access to multiple cloud providers – something that has become essential as businesses’ digital transformation journeys mature. The global reach of Equinix also enables our team to help drive multi-region opportunities, creating end-to-end client solutions and providing real cost savings and performance improvements.”

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