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Interview with Chris Dyer, @chrisdyer7 Chris Dyer:Entrepreneur, CEO of peopleG2 @peopleG2, Coach, Radio Show Host #talenttalk, and Guitarist/Song Writer for @fifthlawband

What’s your background?

Over the past 20 years, my experience and background revolves around people.  Motivating, understanding, discovering, and screening quality people, is where my focus really revolves.  This started by studying the sociology side of it, then on to coaching, and later opening my own background check company in 2001.  As that flourished, I then returned to the sticky stuff, like culture, engagement, and motivation.

How was 2014? 

A bit odd.  From a personal and professional standpoint it was a year of highs and lows.  It is like meeting the person of your dreams, and going out on your first few dates, while experiencing a hurricane or earthquake at the same time.

Anything you’d do differently?

Always.  I never regret things, but most of what I do could always be better.  That is the constant chase, to improve, get better, and get it right the next time. Specifically, I wish I had made more time to write my book on culture. It would really have been nice to have in 2015.  But, at the midpoint of the year, I am still wishing I was giving it more time.

Plans for 2015 / future?

Helping more CEO’s and Entrepreneurs with their company culture, speaking more to HR groups, and expanding internationally for my talks (Culture, Virtual Workforce Success, Secrets of Talented People, etc..).  For the business, we are on a steady growth pattern, that I want to ensure my staff have what they need to be successful.

You have a good following on twitter, who do you find engaging with you? In what ways have you found it useful?

It really is a huge spectrum of job titles and walks of life.  I do find that those interacting the most tend to be

1)  Those looking to improve each day (growth mindset),

2) HR Community,

3) CEO’s trying to improve company culture, and

4) Spammers!

You do a few things, how do you manage to balance them all? 

I have no idea.  Sometimes it feels like the wind is pushing me to the next thing.  But most of the time I focus on the largest issues first (the rocks) before I get to the small stuff (the sand).  Also, I have  great people that work for me, and make me look good.

What tech do you use to make your life easier?

iWatch, iPhone, Surface Pro 2, and Line 6 Variax (for my band and the occasional escape from reality).

What tech do you wish was invented already to make your life easier? 

Teleporting, jet packs, computer implant, and whatever that program was in the Matrix, where they could download things directly into your brain.

Have you been to Ireland? What’s your impression of the Irish tech scene from where you are? 

I have not been to Ireland, although I have been to many areas in the UK.  Ireland is in my top 3 for next destinations, and #1 if I land in the UK for sure.   As for tech, Ireland appears to be a juggernaut of growth, innovation and leadership within Tech.  So many factors have led to this rapid change over the last 20 years, but it is remarkable for sure.  It is fascinating to see that Ireland appears in the news now for Tech, Travel, and Thought Leadership.  When I was growing up, it was the troubles. Now Ireland overall, both the Republic and the North have had such an incredible shift from the negative to the positive in so many ways.

Anything else to add?  We should have asked you?

Sure, what is the biggest challenge business face this year?  Answer, Employee Engagement.  According to Gallup, 70% of the world’s workforce is NOT engaged.  That is huge!!!!!  I want to change this, and my work a part of the time each week is to help the best companies take that next step.

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