Energia is marking five years as a 100% renewable energy supplier. The company currently supplies around 25% of Ireland’s total wind power from 24 owned wind farms and power purchase agreements, serving homes and businesses all across the island of Ireland.

Furthermore, as per the most recent Fuel mix-disclosure report from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRU), Energia provides its customers with fuel that it is 100% renewable.

Today, Energia’s commitment to renewable and sustainable energy sources includes the following:

· Energia has over 1,000MW of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) in place, powering homes and companies large and small across urban and rural Ireland.

· Energia wholly owns 14 wind farms and part owns and operates 24 in total.

· Energia actively works in communities all across Ireland to meet its targets under the Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme to reduce energy consumption and the overall national carbon footprint of the Republic of Ireland.

· An active participant as part of the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme, Energia is working with commercial and industrial businesses to reduce energy consumption in the north.

· Energia are currently looking at developing other renewable generation projects such as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to further enhance their renewable portfolio.

· Energia have added 375MW of capacity from their own wind farms since 2009 with an investment of €560m.

Commenting on the achievement, Geoff Codd Head of Marketing & Retail Development stated; “We are proud of our ongoing activities and efforts in the area of green energy supply, and our overall commitment to sustainability for business and residential customers. Ireland is facing a significant challenge in meeting its international environmental targets, a challenge that impacts communities all across Ireland. Today we supply around 25% of Ireland’s total wind power, a role that we will be looking to build on in the future in line with the governments overall commitment to sustainability as per the Ireland 2040 National Planning Framework. Fundamentally we believe that green energy will not only improve the environment for communities across Ireland, but also serve to drive prosperity in the future.”

More information on the Energia commitment to green energy and sustainability is available here.

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