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The popularity of emojis is rising fast, in fact most places you look now across text messages to social media channels, emojis are being used more regularly that ever before. The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) wants to use a certain group of emoji to help fundraising efforts with a new campaign, #EndangeredEmoji.

Their new campaign highlights the fact that there is 17 emojis on the current Android and iOS keyboards which are currently endangered species. Among these 17 emojis is the popular monkey emoji which according to the WWF is a spider monkey as well as a giant panda, asian elephant and a tiger.

WWF started the campaign by tweeting the 17 emoji and inviting people to sign up and take part. To sign up simply retweet the original tweet and then for every endangered emoji you use after that, WWF will add €0.10 cents (about 11 cents in America) to a voluntary donation account. At the end of each month a tally of the endangered emojis that have been used will be sent to you and then you can choose whether you wish to donate the total amount of those emoji or an amount of your own choosing.

WWF has outlined how the campaign will work in the video below.

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