EMC has announced that the 2015 EMC Heritage Trust Project is now accepting nominations for grants to digitise cultural records.

Founded in 2007, the broader EMC Information Heritage Initiative has donated over €33 million to more than 45 historic preservation projects from around the world that protect and preserve cultural information through digitisation, allowing readily accessible online research and education.

This year, EMC’s Heritage Trust Project will be accepting nominations from 24 countries, including Ireland. Applications will be received until 19 June and winners will be announced in September.

The EMC Heritage Trust Project grant recipients are selected based on the following criteria: potential size of the audience that would benefit from access to the information they are seeking to protect; the at-risk status of the information and why it is urgent to digitise; and how beneficial the EMC grant would be to the overall success of the project.

Last year, EMC awarded Heritage Trust grants to Digitising the Christmas Lectures in the United Kingdom; the Nikkei National Museum’s Internment Project in Canada; and the joint American/Indian Merasi Legacy Project.

In 2013, as part of the Information Heritage Initiative, EMC provided 2.8 petabytes of storage space to the Vatican’s Apostolic Library, allowing it to digitise over 40 million pages of historic texts, including the Gutenberg Bible, the first book printed with movable type.

Bob Savage, Vice President and Managing Director of EMC Centres of Excellence EMEA, said the project presented Irish historical and cultural organisations with a “unique opportunity”.

“Ireland is steeped in a rich and varied history. The EMC Heritage Trust Project allows cultural organisations to take a step further towards their dreams of digitising moments of that history, and granting access to the public. As the country approaches a number of important historical anniversaries, there has never been a more timely moment to get involved.

“We are exceptionally proud to play a part in this important process of historical discovery and cultural preservation”, said Mr Savage.

For more information on nominations, visit this link.

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