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You can now embed your Facebook videos around the web, yes here we are in 2015 and at last there is embeddable Facebook video feature. The feature was revealed by Deborah Liu, Facebook’s manager of product marketing at F8 during the week. Liu said that;

“Every single day, people are viewing more than 3 billion videos on Facebook.”

Facebook has been making a big push on video content over the past year or two from implementing autoplay from throwing out the stats now and then which says they are passing YouTube with ‘X’ number of video views.

It does sound strange that we are here in 2015 and embeddable videos are only arrive on Facebook now, however they are here at last and as of Wednesday it has been possible to embed videos around the Internet.

Liu also announced that there is an updated plugin for Facebook comments, users will be able to login with their Facebook account details and comment on a website, that comment will then be duplicated on the official Facebook shared story which gives users a greater scope to have their post seen by a wider audience.

However, it is interesting to note that Facebook mentioned nothing about live video streaming which is all the rage this week as Twitter has launched their video streaming app, Periscope. Live streaming on mobile devices has been everywhere since the launch of Meerkat a few weeks ago and while other services are busy making headway on the live streaming scene, Facebook has no immediate plans to join in.

It would seem that Facebook doesn’t even have their own in house streaming solution at the moment, their live feeds and streams such as the F8 stream are currently provided by third party companies. Live video and live content seems to be a low priority to Facebook at present, maybe they want to see some true value before jumping into it.

Ben Rubin at SXSW said that, “Just 12% of Facebook friends will see your post in the next 24 hours,” and this is due to the Facebook algorithm which makes the social network “kind of irrelevant” for live media.

Facebook told Mashable at F8 that those statistics come from a third party however they failed to provide any statistics of their own. For now, it will be pre-recorded video only for Facebook, maybe they will jump into live streaming in the future, but will it be too late?

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