A new survey commissioned to mark the launch of electronic prescription notification service eScript, reveals that 93% of Irish consumers believe that technology makes their lives easier and 87% of the adult population now own a smartphone. 74% of those surveyed claim that they find their GP’s handwriting difficult to read and 43% are worried about errors that can occur between their GP and the pharmacy when given a prescription. 79% think that the GP sending a prescription notification to the pharmacy electronically will reduce the possibility of these errors, with nearly half of all adults (48%) wanting to reduce their waiting time for prescriptions at their pharmacy.

eScript, launched nationally today, is a notification service that safely sends a secure notification of the prescription details directly from the GP’s computer to the patient’s chosen pharmacy. While it does not replace the traditional signed paper prescription, it means that the pharmacy can start preparing the prescription before the patient gets there. For patients, that allows for less waiting time while pharmacists are able to enjoy a quicker dispensing process and can be assured of accuracy as the chances of error are reduced.

Commenting on today’s launch, Jennifer Hughes, Director of Marketing at Clanwilliam Group said; “We are delighted to launch the eScript national pilot which will benefit Irish consumers, GPs and the pharmacy community. It’s interesting to see from our survey that consumers are concerned about errors that could possibly occur between GPs and pharmacies and that many find it difficult to read their GP’s handwriting. Also, 48% of those surveyed would like to reduce their waiting time for prescriptions at their pharmacy. The intention of eScript is to demonstrate how technology can facilitate the seamless flow of prescription information between GP and pharmacy systems in Ireland. How the service further develops will be determined by the ongoing feedback from our customers.”

Other findings from the survey highlighted that:

– 72% of consumers always or regularly use the same pharmacy

– 74% get prescriptions for themselves

– Nearly half of all adults (48%) would like to reduce their waiting time for medications to be dispensed in their pharmacy

– One third of those surveyed check their mobile phone at least every 15 minutes in a typical day

For more information on eScript visit www.escript.ie

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