Egenera, a leading provider of wholesale cloud services and cloud management software to the channel, today announced that Odyssey Validation Consultants (OVC) is offering a new compliant GxP Cloud Service built using Egenera’s Xterity Cloud. Odyssey Validation Consultants is an innovative company delivering next generation services and products to regulated companies

The OVC GxP Cloud delivers fully compliant cloud services to regulated companies in the life sciences sector and in the connected health / IoT space, ensuring data integrity in an audit ready environment. OVC has worked closely with international regulatory authorities to develop its GxP cloud offering to ensure it meets and exceeds the requirements in this space.

“I am always looking into new mechanisms to enhance our ability to utilize new technologies in the deployment of compliant GxP Systems. My IT strategy is focused on the move to cloud platforms capable of supporting applications subject to regulatory oversight,” said Emmett Nolan, IT manager at Aspen Pharma Trading Limited. “As such, I have found that the GxP Cloud offering and supporting Lifecycle Management Services offered by OVC in conjunction with the technical performance of Egenera is an excellent fit for us.”

The OVC GxP Cloud enables organizations to easily migrate validated GxP computerized systems to the OVC GxP Cloud to reduce costs and improve flexibility. Xterity runs out of Tier 3 and Tier 3+ datacenters in the US in Ashburn, VA and San Jose, as well as in London, Dublin and Tokyo.

“We are excited to be partnering with Egenera in the delivery of our GxP Cloud service as we are increasingly dealing with regulated companies frustrated by the lack of truly compliant offerings in the cloud space. There’s no question that this new delivery model will provide competitive advantage to progressive and forward thinking companies,” said Oisin Curran, CEO at Odyssey Validation Consultants. “Egenera’s pay as you go model, worldwide footprint and worldwide 24/7/365 support made Xterity the obvious choice for us to base our new GxP offering on.”

Xterity delivers a full range of brandable dedicated, managed, private and public cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and CloudMigration services exclusively through the channel.

“Egenera has a long history in delivering cloud services to pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in regulated industries. But up to now, there hasn’t been a fully validated GxP offering. The combination of Egenera’s Xterity Cloud Services and Odyssey’s expertise in GxP will enable highly regulated organizations to leverage and benefit from Infrastructure as a Service,” said Dan Busby, vice president of product management, Egenera. “The OVC GxP Cloud will be a step above offerings from the big players because it delivers the complete package – the GxP system, the validation and auditing – so that customers can be assured that they’re in compliance.”

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