Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search in 2019

It is forecasted as per AdWeek that 67 million voice-assisted devices would be used in the United States by 2019. This would be dramatically changing the way we manage digital content. It becomes more challenging for marketers as they would be looking for effective ways to make sure that their website content is able to respond to these voice searches well and obtain the views they require for justifying its existence. As per a study in 2018, one in every six Americans would own a smart speaker by 2019. With the advancement of the latest technology involving smart assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, more and more users are actually, bypassing their keyboards and using voice search to identify suitable information. With both Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence gaining traction, it is a wise move for marketers to consider crafting responses that would be delivering precisely what the consumers are actually searching at that point in time.

As per https://www.searchenginepeople.com, “By 2020, voice search will account for 50% of searches. But that’s not all—voice searches also tend to change the nature of keywords themselves, including question words like what, how, when, and why. Oh, and one last thing we should keep in mind: most digital assistants answer voice searches solely with—well, their voices.” For achieving success in this brand new marketing landscape, it is critical for communications professionals to learn and clearly understand when a specific voice application would prove to be really most effective.  Let us explore some techniques for making your content and website Voice Search Optimized.

Give Top Priority to UX

Voice is gaining traction by the day; however, the number of brands which are actually having voice skills with really high engagement levels seems to be incredibly low. It is necessary for brands to keep in mind what would make fantastic user experience and not be happy with just checking the box showing you have voice application. User experience must be given a lot of priority.

Generate Conversational Content

Voice Search would be amplifying the way engaging content would be making engaging conversation. In this connection, it is important to appreciate the fact that content must speak exactly the way you speak and communicate. You must try and come up with content that is able to create a genuine connection with certain specific desires of the users. This is supposed to be the intrinsic value and essence of Voice Search.

Obtain Google’s Semantic Ideas

One of the principal ways you could optimize content specifically for semantic search is by ensuring that your website content actually answers all the questions asked by your audience. If you wish to have an idea about what those questions actually are, you must consider typing a question into the search engine such as Google and browse the section called ‘People also ask’. In this section, you would be coming across a host of new questions that could be answered precisely in your content in order to be really more relevant to and optimized for voice searches.

Do Not Forget Voice SEO is Just SEO

As per Forbes.com, even though there are certain tricks like developing Alexa skills that could be helping your brand to be more optimized for voice search, the fact remains that basic search engine optimization techniques would still be applicable to voice. You must remember to definitely, incorporate contextual and long-tail keywords into your website content and even meta-data. You may consider using structured markup for helping Google to understand your content much better. Get in touch with a reputed SEO Expert Company for prompt and perfect SEO solutions.

Keep it Really Simple

The principle ‘keep it simple’ is really applicable to voice search optimization like never before. Right from talk to voice prompt calling and text and more, people are gradually doing far less typing and definitely, more talking. Organizations could consider optimizing both connection and content simply by keeping things nice and simple. You need to consciously skip the jargon and use concise, clear verbiage for boosting your efficacy and amplifying your precise message.

Emphasize Mobile SEO

Google webmaster has sent a notification notifying you that Mobile-first indexing has been enabled. We know that since 26th March 2018, Google seems to be using mainly your content’s mobile version for both indexing and ranking. Most of the voice searches are known to happen on smartphones. If you wish to optimize your content for voice search, you must put emphasis on mobile optimization and boosting your mobile SEO rankings.

Focus on Optimization of Already Existing Content

You may not go on creating new content all the time. You may focus on reusing your already existing key content. Consider optimizing your core content for voice search, as well as, audio use. This would be helping you in fine-tuning your core messages and allow you better ‘hearability’ in a landscape which seems to be less crowded as compared to the others. It seems to be a good opportunity to demonstrate your integrity and consistency in communications.

Respond to Questions in an Entertaining Way

Voice searches are certainly more conversational as compared to typed keyword searches. In this context, it is essential for communication professionals to use long-tail phrases for answering your potential customers. You need to entertain them with that content. Only then you would be having a better chance to rank for these queries.


It is a good idea for marketers to understand and appreciate the power and utility of voice search and accordingly start optimizing their web content for voice search. It is foolish on the part of some stubborn marketers to go on ignoring the trend and keep on generating content that does not cater to voice search. You must focus on modifying your SEO stratagem for incorporating voice optimization. It may involve a lot of hard work; however, voice search optimization is successful in making your web content really close to the human language. Remember this is the right time to opt for voice search optimization if you wish to gain a competitive edge.

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