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Effectifying Social have developed a new training course called Effecti5 this a 5 stage process to effectify your business which is currently being rolled out the small and medium sizes business based on a refined version of corportate Training used by Google, IBM and other Multi-national companies. Next event on May 10th, book here.

What was the inspiration to start it?

Shared values, common vision and big thinking. Small business training and seminars were being delivered for a small business format. We saw what the big companies are teaching and we said ‘We want that!’

What exciting things can people look forward to at Effectifying Business Bootcamp?

The big thing for us is that it is interactive. We have small class sizes (approx 15 people) so that people can hear and be heard. There is an air of trust and empowerment as people find their voice. The energy in the room lifts as the process of Effecti5 calls for collaboration among the attendees. This may sound small but when you are a micro or small business you tend to be ‘all up in your own head’. To be in this sort of learning environment is a big shift in emotional and mental energy.

The focus of the one day course is to teach people the Effecti5 process and make sure they understand it so that they can apply it to their own business. We do this buy demonstrating the process via a fictitious startup company looking to grow its customer base. We open by showing people how a customer persona is created, drawing wither from market research or even their ‘ideal’ customer. It is important to note here that although our work is done on one particular persona through the day, they are not looking for their ideal customer, they are looking for their ideal customerS. This is hugely important to anyone who is pushing out generic content and hoping that something sticks. How do you market to the internet?

Moving on from there we show them how to empathise with their 2D persona and start seeing what their business has to offer them, from their point of view. Again, this differs great than them projecting what they ’think’ the customer wants from them which gives a distorted message in their marketing message.

Following on from the empathy stage, we pick out pain an pleasure points that can be addressed by the business product or service in a manner and language that is individualistic.

Towards the close of the day the participants have a very clear first draft of plan of execution for their business, whether it be a service, product or company culture that excites both the business and the end user.

Who are your ideal participantS?

Ha ha. The common attributes that our participantS share are drive, ambition, vision and the unsettled feeling that there must be ‘more’.  We’ve even had someone who didn’t even have a business yet but have gone away ready to hit the ground running because of what they have learned through Effecti5.

What is your own background and your interests?

Howard brings his 10 years of coaching C-suite, business owners and management and employees to the table. Howard often quotes the Zen parable ‘Wherever you go, there you are’ meaning people are people no matter what role they are fulfilling. Understand the person to understand the customer.

Alan’s 10+ years experience in the digital industry means he has seen a lot come and go, what’s worked and what hasn’t as reaching your desired audience goes. His social media skills have sought after by companies such as United Drug, Dyno Locks ThunderRoad Café and many others.

Trevor lives in Rutland in the UK and turned a coffee table business in to a £1,000,000 a year turnover business. Trevor brings his creativity and left-of-centre perspective of life and business to the part.

What opportunities are on offer for people attending your event?

There is a chasm between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. The vast majority of people stop at the precipice of knowledge believing that ‘knowledge is power’. This is a day of ‘action’ of actively working on your business in a safe environment.

For those who feel ‘alone’ in business is it an environment of alternative perspectives, a-ha moments and reinvigoration as new actionable opportunities arise.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Bring your curiosity, bring your sense of fun and bring business cards. This is a break from the competitive stress that we unduly put ourselves under. This is a fun and collaborative learning environment where connections are made and you never know who may meet that sparks a new business idea, partnership or supplier.

We appreciate that you know your business but we would ask that you resist the urge to believe that you know everything! We’d also ask you to presume this is more of the same for the small business community. This is corporate level training adapted for small business. The best way I can put it is to ask, do you think the business that has €50,000 turnover is having the same conversation as the business with €500,000 turnover.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

Places can booked either on Eventbrite

After the great results of our first bootcamp we are looking to deliver again to businesses in the Dublin area before heading to the Connacht Hotel in Galway on Thursday 25th May. As the class sizes are small our events fill up pretty quickly and understandably so.

Note: Effecti5 is the cornerstone product of 3 Guys Training which is run either as a one or two day course. The two day course is more involved and works specifically on your business for the duration of the two days.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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