Edward Snowden, who is President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, will be interviewed by Paul C Dwyer, President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force live from his exile in Moscow during the EU Cyber Summit which takes place on 24 October 2018 at the Helix in DCU in Dublin.

Commenting on this, Paul C Dwyer said: ‘Snowden is an advocate of privacy and the investigative journalism. Of course that means being able to protect sources. In light of recent revelations of mass surveillance in Ireland and the recent arrest of a documentary film maker in Northern Ireland who was covering the Loughinisland case and collusion between paramilitaries and the British Government, this is a topic we will focus on’

Paul C Dwyer went on to say: ‘”We will take a dive deeper on the surveillance of journalists and explore how the surveillance tactics of Jamal Kashoggi was carried out and how it likely led to his gruesome demise”

Snowden will be the keynote speaker at the EU Cyber Summit. He will speak about our changing world, Donald Trump, North Korea and ongoing concerns about the cyber threats to democracy. His interview will be a no
holds barred discussion.

Edward Snowden is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former contractor for the United States government. His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programmes, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments. In 2013, Snowden was hired by an NSA contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, after previous employment with Dell and the CIA. Snowden came to international attention after stories based on the material appeared in The Guardian and The Washington Post. Further disclosures were made by other publications including Der Spiegel and The New York Times. In the summer of 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed charges against Snowden of two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of government property. Mr Snowden, who is wanted in the United States for espionage, fled to Russia in 2013 after leaking thousands of classified documents related to the NSA’s electronic eavesdropping program. He has been living in an undisclosed location in Moscow ever since.

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