A simple question really, it’s the best at what it does! But that would be too short an editorial surely?

When thinking about how I would justify my iPhone Fanboy status (not my own chosen description) and hopefully entice others to enter the wonderful iPhone family, I decided to go to the “Drawer”. Everyone has a “Drawer” somewhere in the house, mine happens to be in my kitchen, 3rd one down. The contents of the “Drawer” are many and varied, from chargers to sewing kits, shoe polish to broken cameras, spare fuses for Christmas lights long binned etc etc. However in one corner of my “Drawer” are all my old mobile phones, starting with a Philips Fizz (088) through many Nokia’s, a 232, 3110, 5120, 8210, 6210, 6310i, 6282 and finishing with my last ‘ordinary’ phone an N80. I had the N80 one week when I saw, touched and used my first iPhone. It was a 2G iPhone that a workmate had purchased on a trip to America and unlocked when he returned to Ireland. I was blown away by the user friendliness but mostly by the touch screen! It seemed to me that this was more than a mere phone, it was a computer in my hand!

My N80 no longer meant anything to me 🙁 I knew then that as soon as an Irish mobile provider began selling the iPhone I would be queuing. Please bear in mind that at this stage I was immune to Apple Inc. the global brand. If the iPhone had been made by Nokia, Samsung or even Alcatel I would be buying one. Then came the press announcement that 02 Ireland would be stocking the new iPhone 3G. I was at that time a 3 billpay customer, out of contract. I went to my local 02 shop and paid a deposit on an iPhone, subject to availability. On the morning of the release, July 2008, I was up early, 05.00 actually and thanks to a Shopping Centre security guard that I knew I was standing outside an 02 shop and first in the queue. I had even joined the 02 customer forum a few days earlier to find out about possible queues etc. Once the shop opened at 09.00 I finally got my hands on an 8gig iPhone 3G.

Since that day I’m happy to say that I’ve never considered opting for another type of smartphone! When the 3Gs came out I decided against upgrading as there wasn’t enough of an upgrade to the handset to entice me, besides the 3Gs looked the exact same as my 3G so what was the point? No one would know I had upgraded! 😉 When the iPhone 4 specs were announced I was happy and decided to upgrade to a 32gig version. Again when the 4S came out I decided there wasn’t enough of a difference to get me to splash out on an upgrade. But enough about me, what about the phone itself?

As I’ve only used a 3G and 4 extensively I can’t give a true evaluation of the 4S, but in my humble opinion, no other smartphone fits my hand better, looks as good or is as user-friendly as the iPhone….. no other smartphone comes close to the amount of Apps that are available to the iPhone, Android is now picking up the pace, but iOS Apps are still the best. (IMHO). It’s 3.5 inch retina display really shows off photo and video quality. A 5 megapixel still camera with LED flash and HD (720p) video recording allow me to take photos and video of excellent quality and the front facing camera works great for FaceTime or Skype calls. Following the release of iOS 5 the ease of use of the iPhone has been greatly advanced, even more than it was previously!  With the iOS Mail app I have numerous email accounts from different providers grouped under one inbox. With the 32gig of memory I can have a lot of my music readily available in iTunes right there on my phone along with my videos/movies. A lot of people seem to find a touchscreen keypad very strange and difficult to use at first but if someone like me, not piano player fingers by any means, can achieve a very reasonable typing speed then I can’t see the problem? Thanks to the A4 processor the iPhone 4 is no slouch. Fast App switching, Task completion and Folders make the iPhone a winner for me? The combination of gorgeous hardware, an amazing display and major improvements to the OS really help too.

It would be remiss of me not to mention some of the perceived downsides to owing an iPhone tho, AntennaeGate affected some handsets but not all. Bad Battery life, use it constantly=battery use. I’m sure the PhanDroids will point out some more but for me the biggest downside to using an iPhone is the hassle I get from people wanting to “have a go” of my precious!

I don’t see my iPhone as a status symbol, look at me aren’t I cool rubbish and in my defence I should say that my daughter is an avid BlackBerry user and my son a Samsung Galaxy PhanDroid and yes I have tried out both phones but they just don’t do it for me! Also bear in mind I’m very close to being classed as a silver surfer so smartphones are not just for the young and hip, they are also for the more mature and hip (replacers). I already have made my mind up that I’m going to be upgrading to the iPhone 5 in 2012 and I’ve made this choice all on my own, no Apple hype machine for me 😉 Actually, writing all this down has only reinforced my appreciation for what is “the iPhone”, Time Magazines Invention of The Year 2007    🙂

Michael Collins is a full-time professional saxophonist with an unhealthily inquisitive mind when it comes to most things tech! He has never read a manual……Musical or Tech. He much prefers to find out how something works than to be told.



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