Some time ago we spoke about accessibility issues for users when accessing and trying to use Facebook. Out of a range of problems that we highlighted in that piece, the most talked about one is a lack of dynamic text on the main flagship app on Facebook. 

Dynamic text was introduced in iOS 7, two major iOS releases ago and the main Facebook app has still not supported the feature in their own app which is bizarre considering how many people are on Facebook and how people rely on the app to access groups of friends they are trying to communicate with.

Some users have reported that they are unable to use the app at all and that the inability to do something as simple as resizing the text on the app has left them isolated. However, the good news is that there seems to be an update coming soon which will enable dynamic text access on iOS as the @fbaccess team tweeted last night.

It may have been a long time coming but the positive news is that it is coming. The lack of dynamic text has been somewhat of a mystery up to this point, the Messenger app on iOS has supported dynamic text long before now. Dynamic text is also supported on Android platforms and the web (although dynamic text is Apple’s phrase, other platforms may refer to it using a different terminology).

There is no time frame yet as to when the feature is coming to iOS, Fbaccess have only said that it is “coming soon” and in fairness that is probably the best thing for them to say right now. Sensible developers will know that it is best not to give time frames or date estimates as you never know what could crop up in testing that will cause a delay.

At the moment it is simply a sit and wait game, hopefully enabling dynamic text will allow users who had to previously abandon the platform to come back and reconnect with groups they rely on.

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