By David Akinsanya

Dublin recently played host to a very brand new Tech Conference, a two days event from 15-16 February, hosting visitors from all over the world in its grand event place “The convention Centre” in the heart of Dublin. After the exit of the Web Summit from Dublin to Lisbon, it came as no surprise that a team of smart business people and tech enthusiasts moved quickly to fill the void and gave birth to a truly world class Summit that represents the City of Dublin well as a Technology Hub, a city where some of the leading global technology firms housed their headquarter including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Paypal, Yahoo and many more.

The City has to remain relevant especially because we love tech and are not shy about it and the state is known to be a startup hub in itself, with the government understanding the importance of emerging technology at the very early days and providing the education and support to the many brave Irish and foreign startups some of which are very successful global companies today.

The success of the summit can be attributed to the optimism and resilience of the Irish people in believing that Ireland is a technology country and indeed it is, considering its highly skilled young population, modern universities and as an attractive destination for global companies to locate their headquarter and catch in on one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the European Union. And the convention centre situated in the Silicon Docks is world class with access to everything Dublin has to offer which is truly modern.

Many established companies and startups across the globe showcased their product and services to the thousands of visitors from all over the world while thought leaders in the world of tech took to the stage one after another presenting the future as they see it emerging. Our own editor in chief at Irish Tech News, Mr Simon Cocking was also on hand to moderate a series of panel discussions on how technology has taken over virtually every industry and human life generally.

Some great Irish companies at Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Bringing back construction to Dublin. A 1.3 Million SQ FT of very modern blocks in 2 separate units in the heart of Dublin with one comprising both residential and commercial spaces and the other just purely office spaces. Slated to be completed at the end of the year. More information at


A leading ISO accredited customer and business process management services company serving the public and private sectors in Ireland and the United Kingdom. More information at


Availability services; Enabling IT services in Cloud and Hosting, Data and Recovery Centres, Managed Application Cloud, Recovery and Business Continuity. More information at

IDEAPAINTConvert any wall to a board for creativity, for seamless collaboration and have everyone in your office on the same page. More information at


Employee financial wellness, consolidate pay frequencies without impacting employees.Your wage, your way. Flexiwage was the overall winner of the Startup pitch at the Dublin Tech Summit 2017. More information at


Yes the Dublin Tech Summit 2017 was a success and truly a timely intervention to the departure of the former. The organisers deserve all the credit for the planning and execution and also for their choice of venue. Indeed this is just the beginning of the start of a world class Tech conference in Dublin and going forward, the city remains relevant.

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