On 24 November, over 3,000 people will be attending Ireland’s newest and most sought-after gaming event. Dublin Games Festival (DGF) plans to provide more entertainment and more accessibility than any other gaming event this year.

Supporting that cause is Four Star Pizza, Monster Energy, Trust Gaming, Marvin.ie and 8-Bit Conference. All brands have been an integral part of Dublin Games Events this year supporting events throughout Dublin leading up to DGF. Each brand has a great understanding of the gaming market and can see how gaming as a brand is increasing day on day to the powerhouse it’s becoming.

Four Star Pizza will be hosting a fantastic activation at DGF whereby they will be welcoming people to their expo area and showcasing a new interactive mobile platform gamified to users’ experiences.

‘It will be a digital game, playable both on mobile and desktop and tied into our loyalty programme. Players will collect toppings to create different pizzas, they will, of course, get more intense and difficult as the game progresses.The players who reach a certain score during the event will get a token to be redeemed in our physical stand. We will have a wheel that they can spin for prizes, that will vary from pizza vouchers to gamer gear’, Patricia Kauffman, a marketing executive at Four Star.

Monster Energy is a brand well known for its activations and awareness campaigns. As a brand well versed in the gaming space, they were a perfect choice as a key partner for Dublin Games both this year and next’, Graeme Moore, COO, Aeonspark Events Ltd.

‘Monster Energy will be partnering with Dublin Games Festival on 24 November. Bringing YouTube gaming legend Wizzite, COD gaming hut & giveaways as well as free energy throughout the day, the ‘Energy Entrance’ will keep you coming back for more’, said Amy Hegarty, Marketing Ambassador – Monster Energy Ireland

Trust Gaming is very well known in the gaming space and has been at the forefront of gaming accessories both here in Ireland and abroad. Not only are they supporting the event but they are providing the DGF esports competitors with the top of the range headsets, mice and keyboards to play with on the day of the event. This further highlights that esports in Ireland is growing and growing fast.

Marvin is the only food app committed to the esports generation. Over the past while they have been very active in supporting the Irish Collegiate esports league and RAID, the leading esports production company, in Ireland. They are continuing this commitment with their rollout of support with DGF. Sponsoring one of DGF’s key esports tournaments (Overwatch), they will also be sponsoring the €1,500 prize pool. “We are very happy to partner with DGF and this is just the beginning! Now we know that we teamed up with all the bests in the e-sports in Ireland”, said Annelise Canesso – Marvin.ie

8-Bit Conference is no stranger to the Irish Convention scene hosting its own events annually to fans of retrogaming. AT DGF they will be providing a sample of what they can bring together including arcades, retrogaming consoles, mascots, retail and their own created 20ft x 20ft Mario RC Racecourse (as seen on Ireland AM). Bringing together the best entertainment in the way they only know how to do.

Dublin Games Festival brings the very best of gaming entertainment to the RDS. DGF will host Ireland’s largest esports tournaments and Europe’s largest Fortnite tournament, a wide range of cosplays, a 20ft x 20ft Mario RC Racecourse (as seen on Ireland AM), Retrogaming by 8-Bit Conference, VR and Escape Rooms, Virtual Simulators, Community play areas, Over 30 Irish Streamers, John Romero (Creator of Doom), Lego play areas and displays, vendors, artists, indie developers and much more will also be present.

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