An update has been released this morning for the Dublin Airport app on iOS which includes the integration with popular flight tracking app, FlightRadar24.

FlightRadar24 shows detailed information of what is up in the sky and on the ground. It gives you information on the aircraft and is all shown in real time live data. The feature is a free update to the Dublin Airport app and as someone who has to work at the airport I can say for sure that it is going to be very handy/cool to use.

When you open the updated Dublin Airport app, there is a button for the flight radar on the home screen on the T2 image opposite the weather. You can push that button to be taken directly into the flight tracking map which will show you the skies over Dublin and both the inbound and outbound aircraft.



Alternatively, and probably the more common form of usage is if you are waiting for a particular flight to land. Let’s say you were waiting for a family member to come home from Paris. Well you can go into the arrivals section of the app and click on the flight number you are looking for.



Now as per normal, you can see the information as it was presented before. The place the flight is coming from, terminal, flight number, airline and due in time are all on display. So we find the flight we are looking for, the EI 521 from Paris, an Aer Lingus service and we can select on that flight to get more information.



Again, I can see a large amount of information such as the airline operating the service, the flight status, the scheduled time and the due in time. I can also see the terminal, weather conditions and even the baggage belt to collect bags from (subject to changes I would assume). However, I want to see exactly where the plane is in the sky, well now there is a flight tracker button on the bottom of the screen in the lower right hand corner. I push that button and I get taken to the map powered by FlightRadar24.


On this screen I can see a real, live time map showing exactly where the aircraft is in the sky at that moment. I also have of course the operator and flight number, along with the ETA of arrival which is shown below the text routing.

I can also see the altitude the aircraft is flying at, the speed, the aircraft type and the amount of km left to travel. Hats off to the guys who are running the Dublin Airport app, this is a great addition and one which I look forward to using to see when aircraft are landing at work.

The only complaint I have now (because I am a picky sod) is that I want the ‘flat’ style layout of iOS 7…come on Dublin Airport! Give me the ‘flat’ headers and buttons, the current design is so iOS 6!

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