Late last month Dublin AI launched at Trinity Colleges Innovation Academy, focusing on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Vision, Neural Networks, Cognitive and Machine Ethics. It aims to be the Irish version of London AI and the organisers are Neill Gernon, Managing Director at Atrovate,?Paul Murray, Investment Director at Atlantic Bridge,?Andrew Smyth, Investment Director at Atlantic Bridge and?William McQuillan, Partner at Frontline Ventures.
davemoloney-dublinaiIn front of a full house of 120 attendees, David Moloney, CTO at Movidius (pictured above) during his keynote talk announced “Today we officially signed the deal, we’re now part of Intel”. The other speakers were Alessandro Prest, CTO at Logograb, Patricia Scanlon, CEO at Soapbox Labs and Nathan Benaich, Investor at Playfair Capital & organiser of London.AI. The calibre of speakers at the first event give you a taste of what you can expect at future events.

Dublin AI is also in close collaboration with other quarterly AI events throughout Europe and the US such as Berlin, London and New York and is a community that brings together researchers, data scientists and engineers working on or interested in AI. Attendees come from the start-up world, the corporate world and the academic world who are involved in AI. The talks aim to reveal trends, industry insights and practical approaches of applying AI technologies and while some of the talks will take a technical deep dive, the forum is open to all those with a strong interest in the field.

Founding organiser and MD of Atrovate , Neill Gernon:?“We set up Dublin.AI to showcase examples of AI applied to real world problems, we wanted to help the best of dublins researchers, data scientists and engineers have a regular event to come together, connect and share ideas around applied AI”?

For further information please follow Dublin AI on Twitter or visit their website.

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