CyClean, the green solutions company, has entered into a partnership with Centurion, a Dubai based investment, branding, marketing, consultancy and PR firm.

CyClean addresses the growing issue of automobile pollution. There are already 1.2 billion vehicles on roads worldwide and by 2035, the number will increase to 2 billion. The exhaust fumes from these cars not only endanger humanity’s health but also the very foundation of our ecosystem. Numerous researches and international treaties are warning this constantly growing problem. The need to tackle this problem is indisputable.

Centurion & Co. is a leading management and advisory firm founded by an experienced group of partners. Its multi-disciplinary management and advisory services bring together strategic, technical, financial, marketing and operational advice combined with execution support to our partners and clients.

Centurion will facilitate and provide investment advisory services advisory to cover private equity, extending to direct investments.

Business Operation

CyClean is building the platform based on a real product that is more superior than competitive products in its price line. Based on its strong vision and on-going business model, the company will expand the platform rapidly. Currently, the business model covers electric bicycles and electrical motorbikes but in time it will expand towards electrical cars.

Electric vehicles can both contribute to the ecosystem and benefit the user with economic and managerial advantage. The vehicle is easy to charge, manage, and operate, and most importantly, replaces the expensive gas/oil price with cheap electricity bill.

Because CyClean project is based on functioning business model and real product line, it offers more than just future potential, to-be completed values to its contributors.

In a nutshell, CyClean coin can be used for rental services with its smart contract feature. It is currently operating in South Korea and plans to expand the business to South East Asia. CyClean vehicles are equipped with wireless network so its location can be easily tracked for management. After CyClean platform has fully emerged with its rental service, it will further proceed to airdrop JPAY SILVER based on CyClean coin possession to sales member stores, and also allow A/S service and parts sales service to utilize CyClean coin. For these reasons, CyClean coin can grow positively on both seller’s side and buyer’s side.

CyClean platform will develop upon both internal business schema and external partnership with related resources and organizations. In terms of carbon credit and carbon project, CyClean platform will increasingly have more to contribute. Renowned NGOs and governments have already invested enormous resources on this issue of vehicle gas emissions and will continue to raise the bar. These kinds of green capital can create synergy with CyClean platform and produce further benefits. Additionally, CyClean will redistribute part of the profit generated within the platform and also conduct promotion with airdrops. During the main ICO, we will reveal how CyClean coin is mined which will evidently show how CyClean coin tackles with the proposed environmental problem.

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