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Social media is getting busier each week, it is becoming more business orientated where “content” boasts a presence of being the trendy buzzword that we use to describe what we are sharing. However, how we share that content is now changing and social media management tools are competing for customers in the space. Enter Drumup, an intelligent social media management tool which looks to cut your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn management time by 90%.

Drumup has received an excellent response from small businesses and professionals since it launched. It is an intelligent social media content discovery, scheduling and posting app. The content tab is at the forefront of Drumup when you login, here you will find a stream of content that Drumup has sourced for you online.

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You can add content from here to your queue with one simple and fast click. A queue system for content is important for both content creators or businesses. Having a scheduled queue of content that you have curated ready to go out will keep your social media account flowing if you are tied up taking care of other matters.

You can also create a custom post, upload a custom image for that post and schedule it for a certain date or time.

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Drumup sources content based on the keywords you select in settings. You set the parameters for what kind of content you want to see and then Drumup will find it for you. There is also an option to set negative keywords which allows you to filter out topics that you don’t want to see.

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Drumup provides a different approach to social media content management. It stays away from overwhelming users with too many features and functions. Instead there is a simple and clean UI which creates a highly effective workflow allowing users to manage their social media content for individual profiles very quickly. This is ideal for businesses who are looking for an effective social media management tool but are tight for time management and resources.

Drumup makes it easy to find content you want to share which is important as that can make the difference between content which gets no traction compared to content which creates engagement and gets people talking. It could potentially save you up to 90% of your time when it comes to social media management.

The uncluttered display on Drumup allows you to quickly find, create and edit scheduled content. There is also a fantastic pricing range for the service from 0$ per month up to plans starting at 199$ per month, so there is a plan for everyone depending on what their needs are.

Drumup is a tool I would highly recommend for anyone looking to quickly and effectively manage their social media channels. It is ideal for businesses looking to free up time on their social media management so they can focus on other business matters. You can sign up to use Drumup at the link below.

Sign up to use Drumup today.


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