Dublin based healthy meal delivery service DropChef.com has announced that they are launching a new on demand service for Ireland’s most competitive employer. The first DropChef Hub is to be launched in the Google EMEA headquarters on Barrow Street from Monday, December 7th.

The hub will give staff the ability to order a meal from DropChef and have it delivered on the same day to their office. DropChef has focused on home delivery and built up a customer base of busy households that order three meals per week.

Roman Grogan, Co-founder of DropChef.com said that “It is an incredibly exciting opportunity. We have learnt that busy professionals were frequently getting their DropChef delivered into their office. Families preferred the home delivery so this is a perfect fit.”

The Google EMEA headquarters on Barrow Street to date has set the bar high when it comes to looking after their staff Ryan Scott, Co-founder of DropChef.com continued that “ We are incredibly fortunate to work with another organisation who’s priority when looking after their own staff’s wellbeing is as strong as our own obsession of giving our customers a healthy, wholesome lifestyle”.

When asked if we would see any more DropChef Hubs in the new year Scott replied that “it is very possible as we already have multiple enquiries from a handful of Ireland’s top employers. However right now we need to focus on ensuring that our notoriously high level of service is maintained”.

Scott continued that “in the new year we hope to develop some very exciting opportunities with our Cook-One Feed-One program. This DropChef initiative means that for every meal that DropChef has delivered to a customer – they donate one meal to a child in need through their partner Valid Nutrition. “Our ambition is to show all of our customers exactly the impact they are having and how they are actually making a real difference and saving lives”.

Ecommerce discovery platforms are a growing market internationally. With standout international startups like Birchbox having raised $72 million in funding and DropChef is the biggest Irish ecommerce discovery platform in Ireland.

The deal is another example of multinationals like Google partnering with different companies to help employee welfare with different lifestyle perks and compete in the “War for Talent.”

For those of us who are unable to avail of the DropChef Hub, the classic DropChef.com service isn’t going anywhere, nor is their promise of always free delivery that they offer. To see what is on this week’s menu or find out more about DropChef and their Cook-One Feed-One program visit their website DropChef.com

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