FutureScope, Ireland’s only tech event dedicated to facilitating collaboration opportunities between start-ups, multinational companies, Irish enterprise, the research community, investors and state agencies is taking place this Thursday, 31st May at the Convention Centre Dublin.

FutureScope has one whole stage dedicated to entrepreneurship, with expert panels covering everything from fundraising and international expansion to building the right team.

Topics being explored at FutureScope 2018 affect every developing business.  They include Internet of Things, Data Analytics, AI and the business applications of VR/AR – all of which will be explored across multiple stages and deep-dive breakout sessions. Related topics, such as Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, 5G, EdTech, FinTech and MedTech as well as our ‘Future of…’ Series, including work, data, learning and money will feature throughout.

On the FutureScope Entrepreneurship Stage, founders from some of Ireland’s most successful start-ups, including Chanelle Medical, Health Beacon, Cartoon Saloon, Glofox and Brown Bag Films, will share lessons-learned. Speaking of success stories, why not get a sneak peek at the next generation? Four innovative start-ups will pitch for the title of FutureScope One2Watch 2018.

Davra Networks, the IoT start-up that secured funding and a foothold in the USA through the US $5m VentureClash fund at FutureScope last year, will feature on a segment about accessing the US market. The great news for those looking to follow a similar path is that the VentureClash team are back at FutureScope on 31st May.

Recognising that starting-up takes guts and perseverance, entrepreneurs should know what supports are out there and we have plenty experts on board, including Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Office, to help early-stage companies understand the landscape and how best to access support.

If financing your start-up’s next step is top of mind, then you’ll want to catch the FutureScope Funding & Scaling panel, featuring investors of all shapes and sizes – from dragons (Alison Cowzer) to angels (HBAN) and from seed funds (Dublin BIC Venture Funds) to venture capitalists (IVCA, Elkstone Venture Capital).

FutureScope caps numbers at 1200 to facilitate constructive networking, a crucial element of the annual event. The CEO of Dublin BIC, Michael Culligan, explains the importance of networking for developing businesses, “When you get 1000+ engaged and purposeful business owners and innovators in a room, conversations are started and contacts are made that result in real business being done. From my time working with start-ups, scale-ups and multinationals, I’ve learned that entrepreneurial success is dependent on many factors including idea, market opportunity, team, execution, funding, and of course lady luck! I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of the network”.

FutureScope lays on a full day of content across multiple platforms:

– Four Stages – ‘Insights’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’

– A dedicated ‘Creativity Meets Technology’ track

– Eight deep dive breakout sessions

– Innovation showcase and an AR/VR demo area

– Plenty of opportunities to network – coffee, lunch & reception

For the programme, visit www.futurescope.ie/programme

Tickets can be secured at www.futurescope.ie/tickets

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