The Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland has produced it’s first brief report into it’s investigations of Facebook. It’s available here:


The main points are:

The Report records significant recommendations and commitments from Facebook Ireland in relation to:

  • a mechanism for users to convey an informed choice for how their information is used and shared on the site including in relation to Third Party Apps
  • a broad update to the Data Use Policy/Privacy Policy to take account of recommendations as to where the information provided to users could be further improved
  • transparency and control for users via the provision of all personal data held to them on request and as part of their everyday interaction with the site
  • the deletion of information held on users and non-users via what are known as social plugins and more generally the deletion of data held from user interactions with the site much sooner than presently
  • increased transparency and controls for the use of personal data for advertising purposes
  • an additional form of notification for users in relation to facial recognition/”tag suggest” that is considered will ensure Facebook Ireland is meeting best practice in this area from an Irish law perspective
  • an enhanced ability for users to control tagging and posting on other user profiles
  • an enhanced ability for users to control whether their addition to Groups by friends
  • the Compliance management/Governance function in Dublin which will be further improved and enhanced to ensure that the introduction of new products or new uses of user data take full account of Irish data protection law.

They will also evaluate throughout the first six months of 2012 to see how they are getting on with the recommendations. So what do you think. Do you agree with the DPC’s findings or do you think they should have gone further.




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