comScore data for September 2014 has revealed that has the highest audience of any Irish website in Ireland. The report showed that in September, had 828,000 unique visitors which represents around 30% of all Irish adults who were online. Each month there’s over 140,000 new items advertised and the site currently has over 285,000 adverts active.

Speaking on the company’s position as the top visited Irish website, John Warburton, CEO said: “For a classified site like DoneDeal you need both buyers and sellers for the marketplace to work. People are coming to DoneDeal in their droves because we have everything you want but crucially, and as confirmed by this comScore report, we have the audience. As a Wexford based company we’re delighted to be competing with the big boys and coming out on top!

Furthermore, we’re delighted to reveal that we have over 1 billion page views each quarter and we have over 1.2 million registered users. That boils down to over 10 million page views each day so no matter what you want to sell there’s someone out there who will want to buy it! We’ve also seen a big increase in the number of unique sellers per month, going from 65,000 in 2012 to almost 80,000 in 2014.

The site has also recently launched a Freebie option in family sections like; Clothes & Lifestyle, Baby & Kids, House & DIY, Sport & Leisure and Music & Education. John Warburton continued, “After a recent strategic review, we launched Freebie Ads in certain sections. With these new Freebie ads there’s nothing stopping you selling off what you don’t want and trying something new without breaking the bank. There’s no time like the present to clean out the playroom, wardrobe, shed, attic and sell the stuff you no longer want at no cost to you at all. Every day there is over half a million visitors searching DoneDeal for items you might no longer want so why not sell them and make some extra cash. 

“From now on when you’re placing an ad in one of the mentioned sections, you’ll be able to choose to place a Freebie Ad. You can place as many of these ads as you like so if you’ve a whole wardrobe of clothes you want to get rid of, or loads of toys the kids have outgrown, you can place an ad for each item and not be charged a penny to sell them.”

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