Docs to go (or documents to goif you prefer) is the native BlackBerry app for reading Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. If you upgrade to the pro version or you have an OS7 device you can also create and edit these file types as well as view PDF files. The app is a god send when you need to create these documents or for editing these files on the go prior to sending them off again. It’s very easy to use and you can zoom in and out easily. You’re able to insert pictures, perform word counts and do a variety of editing including Bold, underline, strikethrough etc… It’s compatible with the most recent and older releases of Microsoft Office programs so you’ll have no problem opening and sending documents to people. Although I prefer to use the Repligo Reader PDFs app (pay to use) then the one included in Docs to go, it is still decent and at least it’s free on OS7. The app is also available for iOS and Android devices and I think is a must have for all of them.

Get it here: Doctogo





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