Irish businesses have a significant advantage, leading data expert says

Irish businesses need to embrace AI technologies if they want to avoid being left behind in our Smart Enterprise economy, but they have a significant competitive edge internationally according to Ireland’s leading data experts.

Professor Noel O’Connor, speaking ahead of AI and the Smart Enterprise, a seminar organised by Ireland’s Insight Centre for Data Analytics, emphasised the need for businesses to step up.

Professor O’Connor said, “It is crucial that businesses, big and small, stop regarding AI as something that is only relevant to the tech sphere. It’s the new normal for all businesses, if they want to stay in business. AI is going to transform every aspect of industry. It’s already happening.”

“Take the fast food industry. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut published a picture of the autonomous pizza delivery trucks that the company is currently developing. They looked like something out of the TV series Black Mirror. Here in Ireland, Pat McDonagh of Supermacs this week spoke about his plans for the robotisation of order processing in restaurants across Ireland. This is not a remote vision of our business future – AI is about to transform everything from ordering a burger to taking out a mortgage.”

Artificial Intelligence is something that will enable businesses gain a deeper understanding of their operations, their customers and their employees according to Dr Paul Buitelaar of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway.

“Having these deeper insights will help businesses to drive better services and better performance. More data than ever is available, providing opportunities and challenges. AI offers tools for data analysis and analytics through natural language understanding, computer vision, machine learning and automated decision making.”

The seminar, which will be held on June 7th in the Helix at DCU, will present and discuss AI and business case studies. Panels of experts will also discuss challenges and opportunities in applying AI for data analysis and analytics in the Smart Enterprise. (Register here)

“It’s important to understand that Irish businesses have a unique advantage when it comes this area,” Dr Buitelaar said. “I don’t know of any other country where industry and business has such a broad opportunity to collaborate with academic researchers and where the systems are set up to facilitate that. The Science Foundation Ireland Centres Programme really allows businesses to access cutting-edge R&D in a way that is much more difficult elsewhere. Here in Insight we have over 400 researchers, doing world class research in a range of areas across AI, machine learning and data science, and bringing that to industry and businesses through application-driven projects.”

Insight Centre for Data Analytics

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a joint initiative between researchers at Dublin City University, NUI Galway, University College Cork, University College Dublin and other partner institutions. Insight brings together more than 400+ researchers from these institutions, 100m+ funding, and with over 80+ industry partners, to position Ireland at the heart of global data analytics research.

You can view the seminar details here


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