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Are you born with the qualities you need or can you learn what’s required? It’s a classic nature vs nurture debate. It’s pretty obvious that regardless of what you’re born with and what encouragement you take from your surroundings there are no skills you are expert at from birth! I personally believe there’s nothing you can’t master but I do know that we all can’t be amazing at everything.

Focus is how society progresses. All of humanity carves up the jobs to done and we each become great at different skill-sets. We trade these skill sets so we all benefit. That’s progress. That still leaves the notion of pre-disposition.

Are some of us more suited to one thing than another? I’m a huge believer in mind over matter. The hard thing is knowing what you want. Getting it is much easier. What I do know is there are many people who are curious about starting their own business for a variety of reasons. I also know there are barriers in the way. Regardless of what the barriers are they are all fundamentally manifestations of the same thing.


It’s what holds us back the most and uses more energy than every electrical appliance ever manufactured combined! I’m involved in arranging events to help people start their own firms because I believe it’s the future of humanity. Myself and others are working towards bringing Founder Institute to Dublin to help people make the leap to starting their own firm.

We’re running events to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together with others in the same boat and those who’ve done it really successfully. We want to run courses here in Dublin to help people discover if they’ve got what it takes before they quit their job.

Start by taking this fun entrepreneurial test.  (link:


Continue by coming to one of our events. This Tuesday, March 21st we’re running an event in Whelans called The Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs featuring serial entrepreneur turned VC Brian Caulfield, the amazing Restored Hearing CEO and Founder Rhona Togher and Neal O Gorman from Artomatix.

Startup insights with Steve Collins. Review of first Founder Institute event in Dublin

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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