By Steven Phillips

Saas (Software as a Service) is one of the most competitive industries of today. With so many new startups and businesses claiming to offer the next best thing, you need to have a quality product customers can rely on. While, in the past, a great idea might have been enough to find success, today there are many more things to consider.

If you expect to grow your customer base (thus earning more revenue), you need to find a way to deliver new code fast, create a strong application, and perfect the user experience. Customers are more tech-savvy than ever before. They have a low tolerance for things like system errors and ongoing problems. Just one issue might send them running to your competition.

DevOps makes this high value accessible. While DevOps is undoubtedly a faster way to produce more products, features, and services, is it necessary for all SaaS Businesses today? This guide will break down the role of DevOps in SaaS companies and will answer this question once and for all.

What is DevOps?

While you’re probably already familiar with the term, there is still a lot of confusion online about what it is exactly. In simple terms, DevOps is a combination of development and operations. When separated, the two processes take longer, and there isn’t as much clear structure. Together, it’s all about automation. By automating code testing, workflows, infrastructure, and more, new features and products can be produced more rapidly and at a higher quality.

How does DevOps work in action?

First, software is written in small chunks. These chunks are integrated, tested, and deployed one by one instead of the traditional way which involves writing large sections of software and testing the finished product. Because these chunks can be completed in a number of hours compared to the weeks it would take to write, test, and finalize a completed software, this is an incredibly effective way to save time.

Because code can be released much more quickly, and on a more accurate level, there is a lot more space under DevOps for the overall improvement of products and features. This translates to higher uptime. In addition to the ability to manage large infrastructure quickly, DevOps also includes a focus on monitoring and configuration management. Application monitoring in realtime will help developers and managers stay on top of potential problems and strengthen the overall output.

Why Use DevOps?

If the benefits below weren’t enough to convince you of the importance of DevOps in SaaS companies, let’s break it down even further. The first benefit is a faster time to market. Becuase the development time is significantly shortened, businesses will be able to launch new software at a much faster pace. This is a must in today’s fast-paced market. Rather than taking several months to successfully release something new, companies can move as fast as they need to.

Because much of the processes like infrastructure are automated under this system, this gives companies the opportunity to focus on the more important parts of their business. Things like marketing, online content, and user experience are harder to manage when you’re always working on development. This frees of valuable time.

Companies who want to take advantage of DevOps for their own systems need a change in mindset. Adapting to new tools like application monitoring, syslog for newbies, and automated development will take time, but it’s worth the extra effort. Everyone will need to adapt to meet the high-demand of this fast-paced world.

Innovate Faster

In response to the title question, yes, all SaaS companies should adopt the DevOps philosophy. This new idea is transforming the industry from the inside, and it’s only increasing the level of competition. It’s not always easy to survive in today’s market that’s always changing.

Adapting to new customer needs, improving the user experience, and tracking errors are no easy feats. This alone is enough to keep one company busy with the development process for months to come. When so much time is spent on building software, there’s no time to develop other important areas of the business that attract customers. With DevOps, companies can charge forward into the next generation of software development.

Steven Phillips is an IT consultant who helps digital businesses reach their full online potential. Steven is passionate about programming and IT consulting. His current focus is helping SaaS businesses create a better world for our kids. He frequently writes about the latest advancements in the digital and tech industry.

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