As part of ReFig: Network in Play – Crafting Diversity in Games pilot programme this year, a series of free diversity-friendly games workshops are being ran in August which include: Board game design, interactive fiction, and 2D games in Fungus with Unity 3D.

The workshops are for people aged 18 and over, and aimed at beginners. Places are limited to 20 people.

Three beginners workshops are being organised in August and participants are being encouraged to take all three workshops. No prior games experience required:

– Boardgame design (Sat Aug 20) @ Pulse College, Halston Street, Dublin
– Interactive Fiction with Twine (Sat Aug 27) @ Pulse College, Halston Street, Dublin
– Making 2D games in Unity3D with Fungus (Sat Sep 3) @ The Vaults, Dogpatch Labs, CHQ, IFSC, Dublin

To be eligible, you must not be studying in a games-related course, have prior experience in making games, or work in the games industry while creatives (artists, storytellers, creative writers, musicians) and other non-programmers are welcome.

The organisers aim to provide an inclusive and safe environment to learn with more information on their Code of Conduct available here.

To apply for the workshops register via

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