Clash & GO: a mixture of genres never seen before that will revolutionize the AR game market

We spoke with the innovative people behind Clash & Go – gamedev specialists. We asked about what innovations were possible in the games market, in particular with AR games.

This is their exciting story: read on

Well, almost all AR games nowadays have a pretty primitive gameplay. Being true fans of gaming, we wanted to create a revolutionary game, where you don’t only have to travel the world and catch creatures, or just see on the screen the things that you can’t see in the real world, etc.

And we are proud to announce that we managed to do it! In Clash & GO, we created a deep layered gameplay by merging the tower defense strategy genre (the example of such game is Clash of Clans) with the Augmented Reality full of geo objects to capture and the whole world to discover (similar to Draconius GO).

Plenty of interactions and years of ongoing interest thanks to this genial mixture

The fusion of genres in Clash & GO brings in a radically new game experience. All the tower defense games become boring after you’ve upgraded all your buildings and reached all the possible goals in the game. All the AR games become boring once you’ve catched most of the creatures in the game.

But with Clash & GO, you can not only play an elaborated tower defense game, but also, if you want more action, take your spaceship and explore the virtual AR world anytime! You can find towers that give you bonuses to your base, fight against other players to conquer them, create clans with your allies, hunt for treasures and compete for the best Space Captain and Strategist in the whole universe!

Besides, if you’re a fan of the AR games, you have undoubtedly experienced this uncomfortable feeling of coldness in winter that makes it harder to walk the streets playing your favourite games. Brr! But with our exciting AR Strategy Game Clash & GO, there is no need to go out to be able to play when it gets chilly outside: you can always stay in your base, upgrade it, play some single campaigns and fight against other players for ressources or rating.

And one of the most important things: Clash & GO offers you an ever changing world with new ways of interactions every day! By means of the CGO tokens (the game’s cryptocurrency), players can move the objects in the GO map, changing their virtual surroundings.

Give yourself a superpower to change the world right now!

The superpower to move the geo-objects will be awarded to players who possess the CGO tokens. The more tokens you have, the more often you can vote. We’ll be holding an ICO very soon, so you’ll have the possibility to get CGO tokens with a great bonus up to 40%!

Here you can see an overview of Clash & GO. The full game release is scheduled for August 2018!

Don’t hesitate and make your own contribution to the AR games revolution


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