A total of five Dingle residents have been selected by ESB Networks to deploy a range of sustainable technologies, including solar panels, battery management systems and electric vehicles chargers. With an expected investment of €350,000, the project will include a number of deep retrofits to facilitate the installation of ultra-efficient air source heat pumps.

The properties include a business that started in 1875 to more recent residential builds in the 2000s, in locations across the Dingle peninsula.

John Fitzgerald, Dingle Project Manager at ESB Networks, thanks the community in Dingle for the warm welcome and interest for the project so far, as evidenced by the 70 applications to take part in the Ambassadors’ programme. “The Dingle Project project’s findings will help inform us on how Ireland’s electricity is distributed in the decades to come, so the announcement of our five ambassadors today represents an important milestone. The technologies that will be deployed in each of the five homes and businesses are designed to help overcome the challenges of the future, by using clean electricity to power heat and transport. It was a real pleasure to meet each of the ambassadors first-hand in Dingle this afternoon, and I was struck by their enthusiasm as we partner with them to create a brighter energy future.”

Separate to the announcement, ten winners of solar panels in a competition run in conjunction with the Dingle Food Festival in October were announced.

Since its launch in April, ESB Networks has also undertaken the following work on the peninsula’s electricity network:
• Exploring new means by which to acquire a full accurate electrical and geographical model of the network, for increased visibility, and for increased public safety and staff and contractor safety
• Studying the network to assess the impact of increased electrification of heat (Air Source Heat Pumps) and transport (Electric Vehicles and Electrical Vehicle Chargers)
• Improving customer continuity on the peninsula via installation and commissioning of smart switches on the MV (Medium Voltage) Network, as well as upgrading and automation of existing network switches

For more information on the Dingle Project, visit: https://www.esbnetworks.ie/dingle

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