By @SimonCocking

We had a brief interview with Heike Vornhagan @AfricFilmGalway, long time resident of Galway and organiser of the Digital Short Film Festival

How can we find our more about the festival?

Here is a link to the films we are  screening this year (you can also have a look at our brochure there, it contains loads more info about each film).

What is the Digital aspect of the festival?

The Digital Short Film Festival aims to increase access to African Cinema through online means …

As we are a small festival with a very tight budget, digital methods to highlight the festival are extremely important. We try to carry out most of our promotion on-line (no advertising budget) and pretty much create all our materials ourselves (brochure, promo video etc.).

Do you have an event app?

We’ve been exploring the possibility of developing an event app but – for this year at least – we just ran out of time !
Here is our promo video.

Why not come down to Galway next weekend to check the festival out? Failing that, do have a look at the Short films online, some real gems there!


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