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Interview with Jules Marcoux @julesmrcoux A lifetime of projects. Grab a copy ‘The Marketing Blueprint’ on Amazon today!

Your background, how did you end up doing what do you now?
I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship since my youth. I ended up in marketing after having the need to market my music and nightclub events. I gained clients slowly and decided I would be an entrepreneur for the rest of my life. After doing a lot of small consulting jobs, I decided I wanted to put out my own projects too, but always in partnerships with other entrepreneurs and businesses. My full bio is on my website.

You’ve got a lot of interests! How do divide your time between them all?

I work a lot, working 85 hours a week feels normal to me. It’s part of my philosophy of the marketing hustle, if I can say so. I don’t really “plan” how I spend my time, I actually do what I want and it ends up I spend it equally in my different ventures and projects.

How is the book doing? How do you deal with the challenge of it being such a fast changing landscape in terms of marketing tools, innovation and new startups popping up?

Sales are great. At the moment I am writing the interview answers, my book is #23 on Amazon in the marketing bestsellers. Yes competition is fierce, but I think the best thing that worked for me right now is to just put out quality content, to believe in the value I bring, to believe in my “marketing beliefs” and to always work towards better results and better book rankings. The rest will take care by itself, I guess.

We love travel, have you been to Ireland? Will we see you over at a Dublin Web Summit? What’s your impression of Ireland from your perspective?

Love to travel here too, but never been to Europe yet actually. Ireland seems like a great place for entrepreneurship that should get a bigger exposure here in America. Let’s work on that!

How have the last 12 months been, what went well?

The last 12 months has been really trying to organize the chaos and giving direction to the speed my business is taking. I try to take some time off to clarify my vision and to get perspective. The book sales have been great so far, which is a project I am very proud of. I am proud also of the new project I am taking part of which is an iPhone app that people over the world can use to find their way through bike routes. The app have 115k users now and we work towards reaching 1 million very soon through some growth hacking and solid marketing.

Anything you’d do differently?

Ummm, probably a lot of things, hard to say. If I had to say one thing, that would be to focus on less things at once but to do these things right, which is something I understood too lately.

Plans for rest of 2015 and the future?

To get my book #1 on Amazon Marketing Bestsellers, to reach 1 Million users on CycleMap (the app I was talking about). In a longer future, I just want to keep putting out quality projects and working on my personal brand and to share what I learn everyday with the world, with things such as books. Maybe a second book?

You have a great following in twitter and instagram, how has it helped you? In which ways are twitter useful, and in which ways instagram?

Twitter is very useful to reach people directly and to get noticed, and make new connections. I see that as a big cocktail party, on the internet. For Instagram, I see that as a solid platform for visual marketing and having people to see what you see and what you think. Social media has been a big part of my business up to now as my business is my personal brand! It drives leads for projects, and gives an opportunity for people to follow what you do.

The marketing blueprint, how’s to going, what topics are your readers most passionate about / do you get the most engagement with?

Hard to say, too early to say.

Blogging, who do you follow?

Seth Godin, Neil Patel and Google (so a mix of different bloggers)

Being a big user of social media, how do you manage life / work, and online / offline balance?

Hard to do, but I’m still young so I can work hard for now. But once every 2 weeks, I try to disconnect completely for at least 3-4 days; very reassuring and gives perspective.

Anything else to add / we should have asked you?

Yeah: what’s your perspective on marketing? –> I think marketing is all about hustle and strategy. Being smarter, sneakier than your competition and to always seek out where the attention is. It’s all about hustle. Also, I think nowadays people focus on too much metrics, but at the end of the day, we should get the focus more on what really counts: short term & long term sales.

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